Schoolhouse Schedule

6:30-7:00 Social time and set-up
7:00-7:15 Welcome and explanation
7:15-7:30 Round 1
7:30-7:45 Round 2
7:45-8:00 Round 3
8:00-8:15 Round 4
8:15-8:30 Round 5
8:30-8:45 Round 6
8:45-9:00 Show ‘n Tell
9:00 Meeting adjourns

Instructors and techniques
A Amy Ubben-Embellishing with beads, buttons, lace, etc.
B Janette Sheldon-Paper piecing using the “tearless” method
C Kim Cawthon-Hand piecing
D Jackie Rudolph-“fake” flange binding
E David Duwe-Dresden Plate blocks
F Teresa Duwe-Using vintage linens & lace on your quilt
G Nancy Bunn-Wool applique

Select the six sessions you want to visit or roam through all demos. If roaming, please do not distract from the demos.

There will be about 5 minutes for Q & A in each session. This isn’t a lot of time so be quick and concise with your questions.
There will be no formal break. If you need a break, take it. This includes instructors.

You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire at the end of the evening. This will help determine which topics you liked most and would like to attend a workshop focused on just one topic.