2022 Challenge

As if this year isn’t challenging enough, we’re throwing another challenge at you. This you can do in the comfort of your own home, maskless, surrounded by fabric. Good times.

2022 Churn Dash Challenge

Who doesn’t love a churn dash? (No need to answer. Just sayin’.)

  • Your quilt must contain a minimum of 3 churn dashes.
  • It must be no larger than 160″ around. That can be 40″ square or any other shape that doesn’t exceed 160″.
  • There must be some yellow in the quilt. It can be pale or mustard or sunshine, but there must be enough to be noticeable.
  • Before you ask, the yellow must be on the front. Nice try.
  • Have fun with this.

We’ll have the unveiling and judging of the quilts at the September meeting, in time for our quilt show in October.

Brought to you by Karen Edwards and Shirley Lewis

churn dash block
Churn Dash Block