2022 Block of the Month Introduction

How many are counting the days until Spring? To be honest, I am! So my Block of the Month quilt choice may not make a lot of sense! However, my need for a winter snuggle quilt outweighs anything else at the moment.

2022 will be a Winter themed quilt. Snowflakes, lots of snowflakes falling on a few trees at the bottom of the quilt. I’m using a white-on-white background with blue snowflakes with a mix of different green for trees.

Can it be scrappy? Yes—while I’m using the same background throughout, all my snowflakes will be different blues. I have a handful of blue background/snowflake fat quarters I’m throwing in with other blue fabrics.

Does the background have to be white? No—my pattern tester is using a dark blue background fabric with white snowflakes. It’s stunning. Did I think of this? No—I had 5 yds of white-on-white and went no further in my thought process. Don’t think I’m not tempted to start another set of snowflakes with a scrappy blue background!

Blocks will post on Guild meeting days. More than One block will post per month.

Fabric requirements—I’ve started with 5 yards of background fabric, but almost sure I won’t need that much. I would say closer to 4 yards. When cutting fabric for a snowflake block, I save any and every cut away from the background fabric—which can be used in smaller blocks later.

Snowflake fabric—since I’m doing a scrappy blue snowflake, I really can’t be sure about how much fabric will be needed. I would say, no less than 2 yards? But maybe no more than 2 yards?

Gadgets and Tools—In a month or two, a Tri/Rec tool will be needed. To be honest, it’s been my piecing enemy, but I’ve learned to master over the last couple of weeks. Cut larger than needed and trim down! I’ve used this ruler in a few of the blocks.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something…..any questions you can
either email or catch me during the zoom guild meeting.

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